Quantifying Uncertainty


Quantifying Uncertainty

Uncertainty analysis is invaluable during all phases of field development from the appraisal, concept, and definition stages with the objective of ensuring that informed decisions are made.

Production forecasts and hydrocarbon in place estimates are subject to uncertainty due to non-uniqueness in geological and reservoir simulation models. Odin integrates subsurface uncertainties to understand the impact of each parameter on the outcome of the production forecast to enable our clients to make better decisions.

Integrating the Subsurface and Uncertainty

We integrate our subsurface knowledge, uncertainty analysis and a strong commercial focus to deliver reservoir studies focused on mitigation of subsurface and surface uncertainties.

Specialist Skills in Reservoir Simulation

  • Phase behaviour expertise backed by publications.
  • ODIN has conducted more compositional simulations than any consultancy in Australia.
  • ODIN has conducted more discrete fractured network reservoir modelling and simulation simulations than any consultancy in Australia.
  • Geological and simulation projects in Iran, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.

Underground Gas Storage

Natural gas storage enables supply to match demand on any given day by adjusting to daily and seasonal fluctuations in demand while natural gas production remains relatively constant year-round.

Odin’s extensive subsurface expertise and experience in the underground storage of gas have made us a trusted advisor for gas storage companies in Australia.

Odin works with our clients to identify and create static and dynamic models the reservoirs identified for conversion to gas storage

Our modelling work is used to determine:

  • Determine optimum locations of the gas storage and observations wells.
  • Total natural gas storage capacity
  • Total gas in storage
  • Cushion gas
  • Working gas and Working gas capacity
  • Deliverability and Injection capacity

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